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2Q Fish
4 Shades of Grey
8 Foot Under
A Band after Dark Accolade The Achievers Acoustic Blues Club Temperance Acoustic Who Ajay Srivistav Al Johnson's Dog Al Sansomes Blues Al Stewart Albany Down Albert Lee Alchemy Tribute to Dire Straits Alex Voysey Blues Trio Alfie Romeo Band Alice Armstrong Alvechurch Blues Club Alvin Youngblood Hart Andy Fairweather-Low Andy Taylor Group Ann Duggan Are You Experienced Ashley Sherlock Band Audio Drones
Back on the Road Back Porch The Barcodes Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse Bebe Tromans Trio Bedrock Bullets Beki Brindle Band Ben Poole Bernie Wratten Beth Hart Big Dans Open Mic Night - Free Big Dez Big Jim & The Alabama Boogie Boys Big Q Fish Big Wolf Band The Bill Dayson Band Billy Gibbons Birmingham Jazz Festival Black & Blues Band Black Country Mojo Black Country Rock The Blackhawks Blind Lemon The Blockheads Blue 2 The Bone Blues Boy Kings Blues Irregulars Blues Night at The Trumpet Blumonde Bluze Box Bonnie Raitt Bonny Lou Band Book Launch Bootleg Blues Band Born Healer Boss Acoustic Bourbon Alley Blues Band Brave Rival Breakin Loose Broken Sound Parkway Brum Beatles Brum Blues Club Built for Comfort Blues Band The Bunker Hill Band The Bush Pilots The Bushburys Butchers Brew Buzzin Hornets
C Jam Cadillac Kings Camel Canoe Catfish Catfish Keith Catwalk Villains CC Rider Ceri Justice & The Jury Chantel McGregor Chevrolee & The Howlers Chick Wren's Rollin River Band Chicken Fricasse Corporation Chickenbone John Chickenbone John & Ricky Cool Chickenbone John Blues Band Chris Bevington Cinelli Brothers C-Jam Clean Shirt Climax Blues Band Club Bebop CODA Cole and Ward Connor Selby Crazy Doctor Bruce & The Sidewinders The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Crow Black Chicken Cry Baby and the Hoochie Coochie Boys
Dan Roberts Dave Onions Dave Thomas David John Payne David Moore Band The Davidson Trio Dawson Smith and The Dissenters Dazzy White and Co Dead Bandits Dead Hombres The Deadshots Debbie Parry Band Delray Rockets Delta Fuse Derek & The Checkmates Dick Tracey Dino Baptiste Dirt Road Band Dirty Ruby Distant Electric Band Dizzy Lizzy Dollar Short Dom Martin Double Cross Doug MacLeod Dr Feelgood Driving Force
The Educators Eliana Cargnelutti Elle-J Walters Band Ellie Jones & The Giants Ellie Jones Duo Emma Jonson Emma Wilson English Electric Lightning The Eric Bell Trio Erja Lyytinen Errol Linton
The Fearless Scoundrels Felix Rabin Femi Precious Ferrets Five Points Gang Focus The Foregate Brothers Foregate Street Blues Band The Foundations Fred Zeppelin Free at Last Frenzies The Frenzies
The Garage Band Gary Williams Geno Washington and Band Get Stoned Giles Robson Glenn Hughes Greg Brice The Grey Goose Blues Band Groove X 2 The Guvnors Guy Davis
Hamilton Loomis Hard Graft Hard Stairs Hard Stairs Harripaul Head Hunters The Heels Heronimus Fin Highway 61 The Hitman Blues Band Honeyboy Hickling Band Hugh Cornwell
Ian Parker Band Imperfect Storm Insight Interpreters Ivy Gold
Jacquie Williams Jake Legg Jug Band James Oliver Band James Sayer and The Vieillards Jason D Thompson Jayler Jazz at the Blue Piano Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings Jimmy Regal and The Royals Jive Aces Jo Baldwin Project Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls Joanne Shaw Taylor Joe Bonamassa Joe Satriani John Amor Band John Angus Band John Bonham Festival 27th May John Fiddler (Medicine Head) John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett John Verity John Webb Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra The Journeymen The Judy Blu Band JuJubes Juke Joint Johnson Junktion 6 Just Doin It Just The Backbeats
Kaos Rocks Kate Gee Band The Kemastree Set Kevan and the Black Country Sons King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys Krissy Matthews Kyla Brox
Laurence Jones LIFE Lol Goodman Band The Lost Notes The Loveless Loz Rabone Lucas D and The Groove Ghetto Luis Morrison
Ma Bessie and her Pig Foot Band Malpractice Malpractice Stoke Man The Manfreds Mark Harrison Mark T. Blues and Roots Martin Burch Band Martin Harley Matt Long Matt Woosey Maxwells Quandri Maz Mitrenko Band McHales Permanent Brew Melvin Hancox and James Oliver The Melvin Hancox Band The Metamorphics Michael Morrow and the Culprits Midlife Crisis Midnight City Soul Band Midtown Echoes Miguel Montalban Mike Davids Band Mike Zito The Milk Men Mississippi McDonald Mister Wolf Misty Blues Mojo Train Molly Hatchet Montgomery Slacks Monthly Blues Jam More than Blue Mr Wolf The Mudsharks Muso Monday Mustis Birthday Bash Mysterious Blues
Neil Coley Big Band The New Arkansans New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils New Road Blues Band Nils Soberg Nine Below Zero The NiteCrawlers No Covers Club Not So Young Band
Official Deceivers Oliver Darling
Paul Bridgewater & The Electric Blues Rebellion Paul Lamb The Peoples Big Band Peoples Republic of Mercia Pete Donaldson Blues Band Pete Hyde & The Vieillards Pete Vickers The Piranha Brothers Plastic Dog Playing Django The Potato Head Jazz Band Pouk Hill Prophetz The Professionals PRoM The Proof House Psychedelic Twang Push! Pushrods PYE
The Quiet Men Quill The Quo aka The 4 Rossis
Ramblin Preachers Ratatouille Rattlesnake Jake Rebecca Downes Re-Covered Reuban Archer Band Rich Dickinson's Driving Force Richard Heath Band Richard Thompson Rick Wakeman Ricky Cool and The InCrowd Riggerz The Rigmarollers Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan Rob Tononi Rollo Markee and Lewis Feilding Rons Neighbours Roy Forbes Texas Rumble Rumour
Sabbra Cadabra SAM Band Sam Kellys Station House Samantha Fish Sari Schorr Saving Grace Schemers Sean Duggan Band Set in Stone The Shakedown Brothers Shampoo Sharpeez Maximum RnB Band Shine A Light (Rolling Stones tribute) Shuffle Kings The Shufflepack Six Foot Drop Slady Slide Boy Roy Slyder Smalltown Justice Smokin' Ade Wakelin Sons of Eddie The Southlands Trio Special Measures Splinter The Stage Blues Club Star Inn The Starving Dogs Steve Ajao Steve Ajao and The Blues Giants Steve Ajao's Boptet Steve Gibbons Band Stripped Down Blues The Stumble Suburban Steps to Rockland SugarDaddies Blues and Soul Sunday Jazz Sunjay Suzi and the Backbeats Swampmeat Family Band The Sweet
Taxi for Jesus Tayz and the Drolls terrapins Terraplanes Blues Band Thirsty Work Thomas Atlas Band TILT Tipitina Toby Walker Tom Martin Travelling Freak Show Travelling Riverside Blues Band Trevor Babajack Steger Trevor-Less Burton Band Trojan Trouble & Strife The Trumpet Jazz and Blues Festival
Under the Covers The Unsung Heroes The Uproars The Upsiders Upton Blues Festival various bands
Vanja Sky Various Vaseline Vehicle Veronica and Max Vincent Flatts Final Drive VO Fletcher and Loz Loz Voodoo Blue
Walter Smitty & The Unviables Walter Trout When Rivers Meet Whiskey Brothers White Room White Tyger Will Killeen Willie and the Bandits Wishbone Ash Wolf Pack Wolverhampton Seventies Weekend Wood Burnt Red The Worried Men
Xander and The Peace Pirates Xmas Party
Ziggie Paul Zoe Schwarz and Rob Koral

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