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Rick Wakeman

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25th Anniversary Update
It hardly seems possible but yes, June 19th 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of RWCC.COM being fully online. It has been an amazing twenty five years, during which the internet has changed beyond all recognition. Whether you consider the changes to be good, or in some cases bad, the fact remains that throughout those years the site has had to change and adapt to the changing technologies, and of course the changing expections on how a site should be built. Many of you have been with the site from the very beginning, especially those that were former members of the RWCC, from which the site gets its name. When news of the site was first mentioned in the written newsletter, more and more people came online and slowly the site's following grew, eventually replacing that newsletter, the achives of which are still on the site. So what have the recent changes been?

Well during the early part of 2021, we had another change to the underlying framework, with the site being re-written in Bootstrap 5. We also tried to make sure that we are conforming to the Web accessibility guidelines as much as possible. For those that don't deal with building websites, it basically means that the site is compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers, so the site can be enjoyed by those with disabilities. As part of the rebuild, we did a slight redesign, most notably on the discography pages, including a tiled view, adding filtering to make things easier to find and Spotify links where available. The site also works better on mobile devices.

Talking about design, we'd also like to acknowledge the feedback we get from time to time, which usually takes the form of "the site looks rubbish". As previously mentioned, the site replaced the written newsletter which Rick wrote to be as informational as possible, with few if any photographs. When the site started, we agreed that the website should also carry forward that ethos, informational, almost encyclopedic in nature. So yes, the site does not look like a lot of other musician websites, but for all the critics out there - that is by design!

Rick and the website staff thank you for your support and contributions through the past 25 years and finally, if you cannot remember what the web was like in 1996 (including young fans who may not have been born!), here's an entertaining video introducing people to the Web back then, courtesy of the Internet Archive…
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