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Bands: Rock

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2Q Fish
9 Carat Purple
A Band after Dark Acoustic Who The Adrian Styles Band Al Johnson's Dog Al Stewart Albany Down Albert Lee Alex Voysey Blues Alfie Romeo Band Alvechurch Blues Club Alvin Youngblood Hart Andy Fairweather-Low Andy Taylor Group Are You Experienced Ashley Sherlock Band
BACK Back on the Road The Bad Day Ben Poole Bernie Wratten Beth Hart Big Dans Open Mic Night - Free Big Dez Big Jim & The Alabama Boogie Boys Big Q Fish Big Wolf Band Billy Gibbons Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival Black & Blues Band Black Country Mojo Black Country Rock Blind Lemon The Blockheads Bonnie Raitt Bonny Lou Band Bootleg Blues Band Born Healer Boss Acoustic Brave Rival Broken Sound Parkway Brum Beatles The Bush Pilots Buzzin Hornets
C Jam Catwalk Villains CC Rider Chantel McGregor Chevrolee & The Howlers Chick Wren's Rollin River Band Chicken Fricasse Corporation Chris Bevington Cinelli Brothers C-Jam Climax Blues Band CODA Crow Black Chicken Cry Baby and the Hoochie Coochie Boys
David John Payne David Moore Band The Davidson Trio Dawson Smith and The Dissenters Dead Hombres Debbie Parry Band Deep Purple Delta Fuse Derek & The Checkmates Dino Baptiste Dirt Road Band Dirty Ruby Dizzy Lizzy Dollar Short Dom Martin Dr Feelgood Driving Force
Ed Force One The Educators Eliana Cargnelutti Ellie Jones & The Giants Emma Jonson English Electric Lightning The Eric Bell Trio Erja Lyytinen
Fair Weather Riders Fearless Scoundrels Felix Rabin The Ferrets Five Points Gang Fred Zeppelin Free at Last
Get Loose Get Stoned The Guvnors
Hard Graft Heronimus Fin Highway 61 Honeyboy Hickling Band Hugh Cornwell
Ian Parker Band Imperfect Storm Insight Interpreters
James Oliver Band Jayler Jo Baldwin Project Joanne Shaw Taylor John Angus Band John Bonham Festival 27th May John Cubbin Band John Fiddler (Medicine Head) John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett John Verity The Journeymen Just Doin It
Kaos Rocks Kate Gee Band KD and the Dogs The Kemastree Set Kevan and the Black Country Sons Krissy Matthews
Laurence Jones Lightning Threads Lol Goodman Band The Loveless Luis Morrison The Lush Puppies The Lush Puppies
Malpractice Malpractice Stoke Man The Manfreds Martian Social Club Martin Burch Band Matt Long Maz Mitrenko Band McHales Permanent Brew Melvin Hancox and James Oliver The Melvin Hancox Band Metropolitan Nash Miguel Montalban Mike Davids Band Mister Wolf Molly Hatchet Montgomery Slacks More than Blue Muso Monday
The New Arkansans New Road Blues Company Nine Below Zero
Official Deceivers The Original Wanted
Peoples Republic of Mercia Pete Hyde & The Vieillards The Picture The Piranha Brothers The Professionals Project Vintage The Proof House PYE
The Quiet Men Quill The Quo aka The 4 Rossis
Ramblin Preachers Rebecca Downes Reuban Archer Band Rich Dickinson's Driving Force Richard Thompson Rick Wakeman Riggerz Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan Rons Neighbours The Rooters Rumour
Sabbra Cadabra Sam Kellys Station House Samantha Fish SandraiseR Sari Schorr Saving Grace Sean Duggan Band Set in Stone The Shakedown Brothers Sharpeez Maximum RnB Band Shuffle Kings The Shufflepack Slady Smokin' Ade Wakelin Smokin Eskimo Special Measures Splinter The Starving Dogs The Starving Rascals Steve Ajao and The Blues Giants Steve Gibbons Band Sticky Mouse The Stumble SugarDaddies Blues and Soul Suzi and the Backbeats Swampmeat Family Band
Taxi for Jesus The Terrapins Terraplanes Blues Band Thirsty Work Travelling Riverside Blues Band Trevor-Less Burton Band
Under the Covers The Unsung Heroes Upton Blues Festival various bands
Vehicle Vincent Flatts Final Drive Voodoo Blue Voodoo Room
Walter Smitty & The Unviables Walter Trout When Rivers Meet White Tyger Willie and the Bandits Wishbone Ash The Worried Men
Ziggie Paul

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