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Felix Rabin

Blues Funk Rock
He’s the youthful prodigy of the Swiss rock scene. Félix Rabin's musical universe stems from a tension between the flamboyant stage presence of the guitar hero and the melancholy solitude of the songwriter.

This polarity is particularly well illustrated by the fragility of a voice seeking to make its way through the density of the instrumental textures surrounding it, which suddenly gives way under the force of the storm, leaving the way clear to the creative instinct of the soloist.

Marked by the influence of the likes of Gary Clark Jr. or John Mayer, Félix Rabin is deeply rooted in pop-rock tinted-blues, getting funky at times, in a long-standing tradition having its musical origins in the excesses of the musical icons of the sixties and seventies, but now with the airs of a "good boy", an introvert loner, with an incandescent frenzy in his soul.
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