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New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils

Country Folk Folk Rock
Eddy Morton, Buzby Bywater, Brian Bannister and Eric Barlow

In the midstís of time there was a meeting of minds that created a powerful musical force. That force propelled a bunch of ragged raw talent from the streets of Birmingham on their first faltering steps along the rocky road of folk history. The band called themselves "The New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils" and their unique brand of home-grown hillbilly heaven made a big impression on audiences not just in the UK but all over Europe.
It seemed the world had gone mountain mad. Every festival in the mid 90's seemed to have their name at the top of the bill. Drawn in by the bands infectious energy and unstoppable momentum everyone danced and sang along as the Bushburys (as they became known) became a promoters dream. Always guaranteed to send audiences home happy and fulfilled but never before they'd insisted on an immediate rebooking. There was a special chemistry on stage that audiences immediately recognized and felt a connection to. Their albums confirmed their status as serious contenders but said something more than merely confirming their status as a serious party band.
Here were some great tracks, with crafted arrangements, full of emotion and careful thought and above all some world class singers who could not only effortlessly hold a tune but could sing with conviction and sensitivity and add glorious harmonies to already great vocals. Those albums have stood the test of time and still sound great today, a true testament to the worth of the original talent that made up the original daredevils.
Over the years the band went their separate ways as inevitably happens as lives change. But something drew these wandering spirits back together in 2006. Three of the original four members decided it was time to dust off the old tunes, write some fresh ones and see if the old magic was still there. Would Buzby's bass still sound as solid and tuneful as it once had? Would the voices of Eric and Brian still sound so sweet and strong and their musicianship sound so special? A small three piece "secret" gig at a folk club confirmed everyone's suspicions....they were back and sounding better than ever. The idea to put a band sound around the trio was implemented and rehearsals began for the next gig at Banbury Festival.
Though the gig was only a month away plans had already been laid. Guitarist Andy Bole had already done a few gigs along the way with the boys and proved to be a great addition.
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